The most lethal broadhead
for use with any field tip.
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Broadhead Arrow Tip Reviews - Michigan Archery Supply | All-Blade Inc. - IMG_0753Phil W. (Richmond, MI.)

“I hope I don’t get pulled over by the DNR, it looks like I shot the deer with a shotgun!”
“I couldn’t get the smile off of my face!”



Broadhead Arrow Tip Reviews - Michigan Archery Supply | All-Blade Inc. - Doug_Reed_(2)Doug Reed: (New Baltimore, MI) 

"These broadheads are awesome. I have never hit my mark until now. These things are very accurate. I could always Robin Hood my bolts with practice broadheads, but in the field I was always off. I thought it was me in all the excitement, but I now know it's the broadheads I was using and not me. The deer I shot was 30yds out with a 5 mph wind. When he came in, I relaxed my heartbeat and waited for his left leg to step forward. That left leg stepped forward, opened up that heart, and I took the shot. It was dead on, right through the heart. He made it about 15yds and fell over. I now switched all my broadheads to All-blades."


Broadhead Arrow Tip Reviews - Michigan Archery Supply | All-Blade Inc. - photo_3Ron S. (Columbus, MI)

“It looked like I shot it with a 12 gauge slug!”

David Gryspeerd

Then there was Junior, he was hesitant to use the All-Blade Broadhead, saying:
"What if a nice deer comes in and it doesn't work?"
My words to this test subject, was that we would all still be driving a Model T with that attitude!

A Message from the Founder: Dave Gryspeerd

Broadhead Arrow Tip Reviews - Michigan Archery Supply | All-Blade Inc. - IMG_0921“With just over a year of designing, developing and changes, we were finally able to produce an ultra-light, durable and lethal prototype that was ready to perform necessary testing. The first and what could simply be the most important, is I wanted to know how our broadhead was going to travel through the air. I grabbed my bow, with the draw strength at 60 pounds and sighted it in with my 100 grain field tip at 20, 30 and 40 yards.
I had a tight pattern of roughly 1 ½ - 2” with my field tip. I repeated the same shots at exactly the same yardages once I applied our All-Blade 6-Blade and it was as if the broadhead was never added. No noticeable drop in the flight of my arrow and I was in the same tight pattern of 2” with our 6-Blade on my arrow.
With arrow flight unaffected, I wanted to know how durable the broadhead was. We had everybody shoot something: ¾” plywood, frozen milk jugs and as it turned out, even both shoulder blades on a nice 8 point buck! The blades were all intact after these tests so I knew and felt extremely confident that our All-Blade broadheads were going to be tough.”

Signs of a Good Hunting Arrow Tip

Whether you’re an avid bowhunter who counts down the days to the big hunting trip each year, or you’ve only shot a bow a handful of times, you know the feeling of a great arrow tip when you shoot one. Similarly, when you’re…

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