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What Are The Best Turkey Broadheads?

Undoubtedly, turkeys can be very difficult to hunt and successfully kill. Not only do turkeys have excellent eyesight, but they are also incredibly stubborn. Therefore, turkeys are a formidable opponent for most hunters. If you want to hunt turkeys, here is some information about the best turkey broadheads.

Guillotine Broadheads

Guillotine broadheads are definitely a major favorite among hunters. If you've ever heard of the phrase "A chicken with its head cut off," you may be surprised to hear that this phrase originates from the use of the guillotine broadheads. These broadheads have long blades that are intended to cut off the heads of turkeys. However, even though guillotine broadheads are quite popular among hunters, they have their disadvantages. For example, the chance of success is lower with guillotine broadheads.

Expandable Broadheads

Another type of turkey broadheads is the expandable broadhead. These types of broadheads are another common choice among turkey hunters. One of the most certain ways to kill a turkey is by using a broadhead and a compound bow. The arrow and broadhead should be embedded in the vitals of the turkey to kill it. It's actually preferable to leave the arrow embedded in the turkey rather than making a clean pass. Hunters have an easier time getting through the feathers and skin and through the vitals with expandable broadheads. These broadheads are more likely to stick and stay within the bird.

Fixed Broadheads

Fixed broadheads are another type of broadhead that is known to be very reliable. In fact, many hunters view the fixed broadhead as the most reliable broadhead on the market. Fixed broadheads are known for remaining intact, flying straight, and hitting the target with deep penetration. Therefore, fixed broadheads are definitely a favorite among hunters of turkeys.

Many hunters struggle to pick the right turkey broadhead for their needs because there are so many options out there. However, most hunters would agree that the turkey broadheads discussed above are some of the best.

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